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Late last year, the internet broke in half when Disney not only announced that they bought Star Wars, but that they are making more movies.

Today, the internet went nuts again when they finally announced the new director….J.J. Abrams.


Excitement and fear was had by fanboys (as there usually is) but I have ask…what EXACTLY are we excited/fearing for?

Because with all the talk I’ve personally had of more movies (who’s going to direct them, will the original cast come back) surprisingly the least brought up subject that comes up is; what the hell are these movies going to be?

When Star Wars first came out, no one suspected anything with this film. What a difference that was comepared to the expectations and anticipation for the first prequel.

With the prequels, we as fans had a basic idea of where these films could go. We knew we were going to meet Darth Vader before he turned, we knew we were going to see Obi-Wan at his Jedi fighting prime, we knew we were going to meet Luke and Leia’s mom etc. We could speculate all day long what these movies were going to be because we knew where they had to end…they had to end with setting up the status quo for Star Wars: A New Hope.

But these new movies? What are they? Sure, we can come up with our OWN  ideas of where they can go. We can look at the expanded universe novels and comics for possible direction (thought I wouldn’t count on them using ANYTHING from those…)

But the reality is….NONE OF US (outside of the Disney and the new films creative team) have any clue what these movies will be.

The Empire is destroyed. Anakins dramatic arc was fulfilled. Luke has his approval from his ghostly mentors. There isn’t any OBVIOUS place to go from this point on.

….but that does make it exciting doesn’t it?

You know what that affords us? Surprise, something that Star Wars hasn’t had in a LONG time.

The expectations of where the Prequels should/and didn’t go don’t hinder these new films.

They literally can go where they want, and that’s a reason to be both excited and afraid.

So, why do we want these new movies to be good? Anyone can argue that we don’t need them. We COULD just watch the old ones again(plus-minus the prequels/remastered versions/ewok blinking versions….your choice.) BUT, why do we still hope for the best and want these movies to work?

The same reason we wanted Episode I to be good a long long time ago; we want to be excited for the newold.

Newold? That’s what I’m calling this  trend of reboots/or returning of old franchises. The Daniel Craig Bond series, the Nolan Batman films, Tron Legacy, the new Die Hards, Rambo and the 2005-now Doctor Who fall in this category. To me it means we want what we know from the series, but just done differently enough to be fresh.

Also, look at where all those franchise have in common. All these franchises fell apart in some fashion. They became stale in someway or became forgotten. They needed someone to come in, swoop in, dust it off, and remind us why we liked it the first place.

I know that’s what I felt J.J. Abrams did with his Star Trek reboot.

Not gonna lie, I’m an Abrams fan. I will defend Mission: Impossible III. I thoroughly enjoyed Abrams take on Spielberg movies (Super 8). I think the pilot to LOST is one of the best TV pilots I’ve ever seen. And man… I LOOOOOVED his Star Trek film.

Abrams is a right fit, and I think he specializes in Newold movies.

Star Wars needs that person to give it a new shine. That’s why I’m IN LOVE with the new Stars Wars comic that just came out.


I think it does great newold. It uses the old, classic versions the characters but adds new and differently elements to them. It gives us new dramatic angles to the characters that we never got to see. It also gives us plenty of elements that make Star Wars…well…Star Wars.

So…now we play the waiting game. I personally kinda hope that Disney/Lucasfilms will let Abrams usual secretive style promotion that he’s been known to do. Like I said before, I want to be surprise and Abrams understands that I want that.(I.E. Who IS the villain in Star Trek Into Darkness)

All I can say to Abrams is…good luck. If he though making the Star Trek fans happy  was going to be hard, I’m pretty damn sure he knows that  the Star Wars fans are going to be MUCH worse. To many fans, Abrams is the key to fixing their childhood…which is extreme, but I know they exist.

I’ve personally learned to not be like that. All I want is a fun, adventure filled movie. I want the character interaction to be engaging. I want the score to be rousing. I want the action to be exciting. I want it to be funny. I want the characters to know the stakes and to get emotionally hurt sometimes.

It isn’t that hard for Abrams. In my eyes, he’s pulled it off before. I’m not asking for the second coming, I just want it to be fun.

Just be fun. No pressure. Just be fun, because that all Star Wars ever was in the end.


And if the new movie is terrible?…hey….we’ve been through it before….

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I love superheroes as far back as I could remember.

Before I could read, I watched a lot of  superheroes cartoon/movies/tv show. That was how I was introduced to them. Lord knows how many times I used to rent this Hulk cartoon on VHS when I was a kid…

I’d watch any version of superheroes. That crap live action Spider-Man show from the ’70’s? I’d a seen it all. That bad Captain America movie?

I’d rented it a dozen times…knowing that it wasn’t that good.

Hell I even own a bootleg copy of the Fantastic Four movie in the early ’90s…

And when I FINALLY started reading comics, oh boy, did it get worse.

But, why? Why do I love this genre so much?

There is the big question right? We’ve been fans for so long, you take for granted that loving superheroes is part of the DNA of our fan culture.

For me, the answer isn’t so easy. It’s not just one reason, it DOZENS of reasons. First you get drawn to the costumes and powers. A power fantasy of looking cool, and having abilities we all wish we had. Then the battles! Screw guns and regular fisticuffs,  nothing gets more epic then seeing Superman fight someone like the Hulk and witness something awe inspiring.

Then, it’s knowing that the superheroes in these stories are doing this to save US. They don’t have the luxury of having a simple day, they have to fight to ensure that everyone else can  survive to have to those days. It’s that superheroes have this incredible self sacrifice that is inspiring, and it makes you want everyone else in the world to have that same ideal.

That’s why I keep reading and watching superhero tales.

I’m inspired to watch heroism at it’s finest, and to see some kick ass throw downs.

That’s part of the reason why I loved last years Captain America: The First Avenger so much. It’s about a man who, even before he got the powers, was a great man who wanted to do what’s right. Plus, he looked cool throwing that shield.

So, you can imagine that watching a film like The Avengers is only going to make me giddy.

The Avengers isn’t just one of the best superhero films ever made, it’s also the first film that truly nails the the blending of comic book storytelling with filmmaking.

The movies opening is a great example of that. The way that writer/director Joss Whedon wrote, shot and his editorial decisions dictated a  tone and pace that is very much a comic book style of story telling. With out spoiling anything, the way the opening scenes uses a narration that overlaps with simple images feels like reading a comics page. It evokes the pacing of seeing a single panel and reading a word box narration.

The action feels the same way.  Let me tell ya, this film will ruin every other Alien Invasion scene in movies for me from this point on (looking at you BATTLESHIP). Its not just enough to see the destruction, I now really want to see some heroes fly in and and fight back. Which brings me to the fights. Oh man, the fights. The one on one battles between the heroes, the sequence on the Hellicarrier and of course the epic finale 20-30 minutes are just breathtaking. Impacts, hits, punches, laser blasts, everything  is seen clear and crisp. Whedon knows exactly when to speed up the action,  and when to slow down. It’s these moments where it felt most like looking a splash page in a comic, or looking a dynamic fight sequence in a 3 page battle. It wasn’t just great action filmmaking, it’s true superhero comic action on screen.

As a Joss Whedon fan going back as far as 1997 , watching this film felt like Whedon’s graduated. He brought it his all, and for the first time, regular audiences can finally “get” Joss’s sensibilities. I guess it needed to be in a context that they where comfortable with, and after watching the Marvel Studio films for the last five years, audiences where ready.  They just needed to enjoy the story that Whedon fashioned. As Whedon fans, we knew he was not only going to bring in the action, but also the story, characters, humor and the drama. Glad the rest of the world can finally see what we always knew.

It’s been forever seen I’ve seen a true crowd-pleaser,  and every time I’ve seen it ( 3 times as of this writing) the audience is there with the film. It’s the kind of filmmaking that audiences love going to the movies as a big group for. The big laughs and the huge applause from the audience is the kind of magic that makes going to a movie theater fun.  It’s the feeling that audiences got when they first saw Stars Wars and Raiders of the Lost Arc for the first time. (Note: Before you go crazy, I’m not saying The Avengers is THAT great, but the elated joy and entertainment the audience got after leaving the theater was just as close.)

But it isn’t just the spectacle that the audiences are eating up in this film, it’s the characters too.  The film is full of great character interaction, great work from the cast from the previous films, and (of course) Whedon’s script getting every single character right. Of course Cap’s ideals and Tony’s ego will clash, but it’s going to be fun to see them learn how to get along. Thor feels responsible for Loki’s action,  yet no matter how crazy his brother gets, he loves him and wants him back home. Black Widow being insanely scared of the Hulk. Tony and Banner being friends because  of their amazing scientific minds.  Agent Caulson’s admiration of Captain America. Hawkeye’s relationship with Black Widow, and the history they share. It’s just a ton of fun seeing this group together. The fact that we take our time seeing this group interact, means when this moment happens in the film….

…it’s earned, and it never fails to give me goosebumps every time I see it in the film.

Going back to that “comic book” feeling, the moment that made me truly realize I’m watching an “AVENGERS” movie is the moment when Captain America faces off with Loki. Seeing Cap talk Loki down and fighting him made my brain go “Oh wow….it’s really happening. This movie really exist!” Why? Because this is the first cross over moment in the film. When the main bad guy from one movie is facing down the main good guy from another.  It would be like if Hans Gruber from DIE HARD is facing Rambo. It only got better when Iron Man flew in!

Ah, and Loki. After the Thor movie, I declared that Loki was the best Marvel studios villain by far. It wasn’t just Tom Hiddleston’s wonderful nuanced performance, but it was the fact that Loki had a strong motivation. His reasons for turning on his family and his fellow gods just made all the sense you when you find out about his backstory. I love were we find him in AVENGERS. I love how much more twisted he got. I love that he actually has a pretty solid plan and for the most part , it’s working…but as Agent Coulson said, Loki’s one weakness is that he has no conviction. Having Loki being too arrogant is a great way to give another layer to the bad guy.

I also loved how Nick Fury was used. Sam Jackson must of had a blast making this, because he wasn’t just used to be a badass (which he was) but he was the one character that had faith for this group. I loved that Fury had to fight for the idea of this group.

Can I also say thank you to Joss for giving me back the real Black Widow? The sexy assistant/ass kicker in Iron Man 2 was ok, but I would like to thank Whedon for giving me back a Natasha that speaks Russian, has a black past, and giving Scarlett Johansson more to do. Whedon gave us a much more rounded character this time, and I thank you.

Is there something I’m missing?…..

Ah…of course….HULK smash.

Ruffalo had a lot to prove here. The poor guy had to come into this film pleasing a group of people still hurt that Ed Norton isn’t coming back (Eric Bana who?). Thankfully, Ruffalo was spot on. I loved his nervous gestures, his sarcastic tone and his “keep to himself” nature. Whedon gave him a lot to do, and when we find out how dark Banners past gets, it’s surprisingly tough.  Also, this movie Hulk is flat out the BEST LOOKING Hulk from any of the movies. Never feeling like he’s made of rubber or plastic like the previous movie Hulks, he’s got a great design, and when he starts fighting (oh the nerdgasam I got when Hulk started fighting Thor…) it’s so damn entertaining.  I also think it’s pretty safe to say that the Hulk STOLE THE SHOW for a lot of people, and for good reason.

Are their issues I have the film? Small ones, to be sure, hell, some are nitpicks. I wished Hawkeye wasn’t in the “state” that he was in for most of the movie since he’s the one member of the cast that I felt we haven’t got a true sense of his character (though in defense of that, he do get little bits here and there that I like.) The plot is too simple and generic, and there are plenty of moments of “well, isn’t THAT convenient”  in the movie. But, WHO CARES! Say the plots to Raiders of the Lost Arc, Star Wars, Die Hard, Jaws, E.T. and many others and they all have their fair amount of issues…but why do we love those movies? The characters, the humor, the earnest drama, and fun.

For me, this was the comic book superhero film I’ve dreamed of seeing since I was a kid. Look back at the videos I posted in the beginning of this review.  See how far we’ve come?

That’s why I kept watching those bad Marvel movies as a kid. It was “enough” till the day they finally got it right.

After watching The Avengers, I wish I can tell the kid 7 year old version of me…dude….they FINALLY did it. And man, your going to LOVE it.

He then will be heartbroken to find out he has to wait 21 years to see it, but….still, I thik it’s well worth the wait.

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I love this show, and yes, so does most of the internet.

Sadly, the show is currently on hiatus, which simply means that we don’t know WHEN it will come back.

I have faith that it will come back before we know it, but it does mean a long wait time.

So whats a fan to do? For me, it’s looking back on this season and remember my favorite moments.

What are those moments? Glad you ask….

-First off, Troy representing Georgia.

-Next, Garrett informing us when there’s a CRISIS ALERT!

-Professor Kane wondering about the changes that happened while he was in jail.

-Britta’s reaction to when the pizza arrives.

-Jeffs amazing  performance in the new Greendale commercial.

-The fact that the song that Abed sings in this clip…

…is what Troy sang when he entered this scene.

Actually, that whole scene is just kinda amazing. From Annie’s  Christian Bale “impression” to Troy’s actually being afraid of Abeds knowledge of pop culture for once.

-Next up, the clip that birthed a million GIFs.

Also, Annie’s performance breaking down from dumb sexy girl to caveman to a baby is pretty amazing.

-And of course, the clip I couldn’t stop watching for days.

My goal has been to try to memorize Troys part of the song. I think I almost got it.

See ya next year Community…whenever you came back….when…..OH GOD PLEASE COME BACK TO US SOON!

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When it concerns current popular books, I’m really behind. I’m so movie obsessed I tend to forget about books. It’s not like I don’t like reading, on the contrary, I LOVE reading! For some reason I read less and less books through out the years. So when I first heard about Harry Potter, Twilight, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and The Hunger Games my reaction was always a giant “never heard of it.” Of course, all of these books have been out for years and have amass a huge fanbase…and I was left behind.

Well, late this year I decided to do a better job of catching up on my reading.  I’ve been doing pretty good so far. Read some Sherlock Holmes, the great, fun as hell book READY PLAYER ONE, and the first of The Dresden Files book, STORM FRONT.

Then came The Hunger Games. Ahh yes, the current young adult novel series that is ALSO a world wide sensation (aren’t they all? 🙂 ) Well, the movie adaptation is coming out soon, so instead watching the flick without reading the book , I’ve decided nows the time to jump in.

I can see why this book is popular. I may not get why TWILIGHT is popular (That will be the last time I will mention that series from here on out. I know it has it’s fans but I am just simply not one of them. Lets move on.) but this book, I totally get why people love it.  The characters are good, the world building is fantastic, it’s well paced(for the most part) and the action is sensational.

Katniss is a great character, and a good role model for readers. She’s tough, smart, has a good heart, but she can make mistakes, and she’s short tempered.  I love that she’s got these great qualities but there’s still enough flaws to make her relatable.

I  love the adult characters. Haymitch, Cinna…hell, even Effie. I think Collins does a great job of hinting the deeper characterizations of the adults. Sure, on the surface they are following the rules of The Capital, but I can sense the inner rebellion the characters have.

Oh, Peeta. Peeta, Peeta, Peeta…I really don’t know how I feel about him. Since the book is told from the point of view from Katniss, I don’t quiet get him yet. I always feel cold after reading his scenes. Maybe I will like him more by the second book, but as of right now, I really don’t know.

I’m not particularly fond of all the scenes that take place in the cave. I felt the flow of the book slammed it’s brakes, as it seemed like we where in that cave for a long time.

But, the when the action came back in, it was insanely well written. I see every beat, every moment. Very exciting stuff.

At the end of the book I instantly saw how this can be made into a great flick.

And today, we get a good look at what to expect from the movie version of the film….

Looking good so far. The tone feels right on, and I’m digging how the future world looks.

I also hope this trailer convinces people on Jennifer Lawrence, but looking at some of the comments from my Facebook friends, some of them are apparently less convinced.  That’s a shame, I think she’s selling it really well .  I’m a Jennifer Lawrence fan (and believe that the film, Winters Bone , is all the proof you need) and I truly think she has all the qualities to play this role. Her moment in the Reaping scene was quiet good.

Josh Hutcherson as Peeta was the only casting I wasn’t sure about, but I think his delivery (granted, the only line he has in the trailer) surprisingly worked on me.  I’m not totally convinced yet, but I’m not writing him off either.

I’m curious to see if the trailer works on somebody who never read the book.  Right now, I’m down. Even if I never read the book, it still looks like it could be a cool sci-fi/action film.

May the film odds be in it’s favor when it comes out March 23, 2011.

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I didn’t really want to contribute to the discussion of this…but I found this interesting.

I think it’s safe to say that by now, you’ve seen this.

You must have right? Over 50,000,000 people did, at least.

I’m not hear to bash this video. It’s bad, sure, but it’s certainly not the worst video in the world.  If you guys looked at the other videos on this channel, all of them starring wanna be teen pop stars themselves, who’s parents paid for the video (just like Black), they’re all in that exact mediocrity-bad level. For some reason, Miss Black’s video is the one that struck.

The internet is weird like that. BUT, that’s not what’s interest me.

See, I stumbled upon this video starring Miranda Cosgrove (for people my age, that funny/overachiever little girl character from School of Rock, for young kids, the lead girl from iCarly.)

Now…tell me this doesn’t look….FAMILIAR….

Interesting that they share that many images and shots. Who ripped off who? Do I sense a fight coming on?! Is someone going to have to sue the other person!?

….of course not. The truth is actually much simpler.

Looking at the upload dates I noticed that they were uploaded a day apart from each other. Funny enough, Black’s video was uploaded first.  She beat Cosgrove by a day. So if anyone is to blame rip off, that would be ridiculous, and down right impossible.

So what does that mean?  The makers of both the videos and the songs are just generalizing that what they think girls want to hear and see. That’s why the videos are so similar, they’re working off the same model, the same model that’s been used over and over again. Ever saw a Debbie Gibson video from the ’80s? Is it really any better…or any less cheesy?

So really, how much can we really blame Miss Black? Make fun of Black’s video all you want, but the truth is, she isn’t first one to have a video like this, and trust me, she won’t be the last.

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For hardcore film buffs it always comes down to this….THE LIST.

The “BEST OF” list. Now, I was never comfortable to write a “BEST OF”. What I think makes a film “THE BEST” is different from another person.

So, I always prefer to write “Favorite” films. These are the things that spoke to me personally. The ones I watch repeatedly, the ones that struck the strongest cord with me, the ones that I saw that seemed different or special to me.

Now I missed A LOT this year  but I still saw enough to create a nice solid list.  Now, of course, this list could always change. Some films might rank higher the next year, some films might drop completely to be replaced with a new film, but that’s how it goes.

Before we get into this let me tell you guys about the runner ups, the ones that were quite good and while they didn’t make the top ten, I still though they were good enough to talk about.

So, in no particular order….

* Centurion– Simple, badass, medieval action film. It’s lean, it’s mean, and it’s so much fun.

*Dance of the Dead– A super cool throw back of ’80’s teen action horror films. Fun characters, great directing and a smart script makes this a blast.

*Tron: Legacy– The script has it’s own problems, but as pure spectacle its still thoroughly entertaining. Amazing visuals, action and the best film score (IMO) of 2010, even though it’s flawed, I still enjoyed the hell out of it.

*Frozen– Tense, just fucking tense. Great cast, subtle directing, and a well written script makes this a fantastic and thrilling film.

*Best Worst Movie– A great documentary that actually analyzes how a bad film BECOMES a bad film and how that bad film becomes a CULT film. It’s also pretty great to see how the cast discovers how they became cult actors and then see then see the reality of becoming a cult actor.

*Animal Kingdom– If there was one film that came THIS close to entering my top ten, it would be this one. A great slow burn crime film, the fantastic cast (most notably the incredible Jacki Weaver performance) , script and direction really make this one of the best crime films I’ve seen in the last few years.


10.) Mystery Team- Pure funny. I hope this has the potential to be a cult classic much like how Super Troopers is. It wasn’t a box office sensation, BUT, the audience will grow as the years go on. So much of this flick is quotable and memorable but the best thing about this? These guys (the Derrick Comedy team) are just warming up. If they’re this good now, I can’t wait to see what they bring next.

9) Au Revoir Taipei- This comedy is sweet but not saccharin. I described it as charming after I saw it, and few films can be charming without feeling forced. The movie is filled with a  interesting characters, great humor, and a simple but fun story. It’s the kinda of movie that you walk out smiling with a romantic heart.

8.) K-20: The Fiend with Twenty Faces– So I’m going to admit…this film is a cheat. This ACTUALLY came out in 2008 in Japan, but we only recently got it here. Since I saw it in 2010, I’m going to count it as a film I loved in 2010. This is classic pulp adventure. Its a good ole fashioned romp set in a cool alternate universe 1930’s Japan,has great action scenes and a score that just SCREAMS adventure. Its also a relatively fresh take on the masked avenger film, with some great twist and legitimate surprises. Seek this out!

7.) True Grit- Had the film ONLY had Bridges performance of Rooster Cogburn, that would have almost been enough to recommend this film. If it was ONLY the Coen’s rich and authentic script and directing, it would have been enough to recommend. Hell, it was just added bonuses that Matt Damon and Josh Brolin were so good in their respected roles. No, see the element that took this film over the edge for me was Hailee Steinfeld’s incredible performance as Mattie Ross. This little 14 year old girl held her own against some of the best actors in the business, and much like the character of Mattie Ross, proved she could be taken seriously. P.S. To the Academy: Don’t you DARE nominate her for Best Supporting Actress. She’s the lead. Respect that.

6.) The Social Network- The opening 20 minutes blew me away. The verbal dueling between Mark and Erica (Jesse Eisenberg and Rooney Mara respectfully) was a sight to behold. Sorkin’s dialogue soared as Fincher’s directing was quiet, building you up. These first 20 minutes set everything about this film, and the fact that they nailed it so well I knew the rest of the film was going to work on me, no problem. Every praise it’s been getting and every praise it got, I think it earned. I only saw it once, and but I have a feeling that once I see it again…and again…this might go higher in the list as the years go by.

5.) Kick Ass- Never a more fitting title for a movie. A movie so good, it’s actually BETTER then the comic it is based on. The characters are far more fleshed out, the action beats are far better earned, and the pacing is stupendous. Chloe Moritz  is a joy in this film as Hit-Girl. The films shoot outs is also the bets I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a funky blend for some (the hardcore action, the silly sex humor…) but I love this blend. Just awesome.

4.) Toy Story 3- There’s a scene near the end of the film (and if you seen the film, you know EXACTLY what scene I’m talking about) where they emotionally took your heart, and SQUEEZED it just enough to make you think for ONE second, they might go were you think they would never go in a MILLION years.  That’s a testament to the great film making in this film. You care so much about the characters that your with them on this tale. When the film gets to it’s emotional ending, I was nearly speechless. Pixar proves, time after time, that if they’re good, truly good, at one thing, it’s making movies with heart. Toy Story 3 didn’t fail to bring it, and it has the wonderful honor of being one of the few great SECOND SEQUEL films ever made (and hell, the rest on that list is debatable) No one will debate this. Toy Story 3 is great.

3.) Black Swan- Some films can be a visually amazing mind trip. Some films can be devastating, emotionally  challenging tragedies. This is the rare film that brilliantly combines them both with ease. It’s a career best for both writer/director Darren Aronofsky and actress Natalie Portman. This a film that haunted me for days after seeing it. The visual punch it brings, the use of  Tchaikovsky’s original music  mixed with Clint Mansel’s original score, and Portman’s pitch perfect performance. Black Swan is a truly original film.

2.) Inception- I don’t remember the last time an audience was so completely captivated with a film that they all held their breath on the finale shot. That’s amazing. I honestly can’t remember the last time that happen. It was one of the many reasons why I loved this movie so much. I’m so glad that the rest of world embraced it too. It just proved that movie going audiences want to see things they haven’t seen before. They want to challenge themselves with a complex narrative. They don’t want to be spoon feed a story. They want good films, and thank god. Inception is a film the left me breathless. P.S. Come on, how incredible is that hallway fight with Joe Gordon Levitt?

1.) Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World- Uh, if your surprised that this was my number one choice, then you honestly don’t know me at all. Seriously. I wrote like several blogs about it (here and here) Wow, what else can I say that I didn’t say already? Hmm, how about this. This is a film that I love so much, that I don’t get nerd rage with someone who didn’t like it. That’s fine that someone doesn’t love it as much as me. No worries, like another  film that’s more you, I’m not going to get mad at you or think that’s weird. This film is me. I love it for the spectacle of it, I love it for the layers it has, I love it for the humor that for 5 viewings the jokes have still not gotten old. I love it for the cast. The editing (which I honestly think deserves an Oscar nomination for, but I know it won’t happen) and of course the directing from Edgar Wright. I’ve never been more sure of my number 1 choice. What can I say, I’m in lesbians with this film. 🙂

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Currently on Twitter theres a fun game going on called bad pitches.

Here are the ones I liked from other people…

AntonSirius Anton Sirius
“Life Is Beautiful” meets “Face/Off” #badpitches

mattkward Matt Ward
“Flashdance” meets “Audition” #badpitches #greatpitches?

flightjkt jmk
It’s “Tootsie” meets “Irreversible.” #badpitches

ElSeanimal Sean Messinger
It’s “Deep Throat” meets “Teeth” #badpitches

sokoteur Kelvin Blasto “it’s like a Woody Allen film but with a John Hughes ending #badpitches yeah right that would be extra awesome.”

markcubey Mark Cubey “Its like Memento in reverse” #badpitches

Quincetessence Quincy “Well, the Breakin’ license is up for grabs, right?” #badpitches

Obviously, I wanted to join in, so these are mine…

It’s “Catwoman” meets “Batman and Robin” #badpitches

It’s “Point Break” with a dash of “Schindler’s List”. #badpitches

“Take STAR WARs, but get rid of the aliens, spaceships, the princess, the magic force, have no battles and not set it space!” #badpitches

“Take buddy comedy of Superbad, the intensity of Oldboy and mix it with the sexual exploration of Last Tango in Paris” #badpitches

and finally….

“It’s like “The Room”……” #badpitches

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A few weeks ago I entered a quick contest to get the new PREDATORS dvd on Joblo.com

and I just found out today that I won, which is nice!

So today I decided to enter another DVD/blu-day contest, this time the website is Hitfix and the movie is…

And the rules for this one is to make up a goofy band name and a goofy album name for it.

….thankfully, I kinda already had both ….

Thats right! I used my old SKA band’s name and album title to enter a DVD contest.
The album I used was this one, titled Attack of Syrann Man…

And if I win the contest, I can finally say the band was actually worth something for a change 🙂

p.s. I’m totally kidding, I still love those guys in the band. And if you actually want to hear some of our music click here!

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Just finished the complete series on Netflix and I had some things I wanted to say about it.

I really enjoyed a good amount of the show. I love the dialogue, I love the cast, I love movies/shows about show business, and I like the idea of a show set around a sketch comedy show.

What I don’t like is that the shows creator, Aaron Sorkin, decided to make the last five episodes very heavily political. I also was not a big fan of the layering of WAY to many intense (some a little over the top) dramatic storylines, and a way to easy wrap up to it all.

I hated the fact the last five episodes of the show stopped being about a dramedy about running an SNL like show and turned into “The West Wing”.

The shows not perfect (the sketch comedy elements of the show were downright painful to watch) but I enjoyed the characters enough to keep sitting through each episode, but the show lost focus too early and it probably couldn’t find it’s footing again.

But, to late for me to get upset at the show…it’s cancelled.

At least the finale episode felt like a proper last episode, as oppose to some other shows I like that didn’t get another season (or even a full season)

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The Summer was a bit of a let down(Scott Pilgrim and Inception aside), so heres hoping some real good stuff shows up for the rest of the year.
So, in order of release date.

THE MOVIES I WANT(or wouldn’t mind to) SEE IN THEATERS.

Virginity Hit
Never Let Me Go
The Town
Easy A
Legend of the Guardians (yeah, the fucking owl movie)
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
Enter the Void
Hatchet 2
The Social Network(this is the one I’m most looking forward too)
Let Me In
Jackass in 3D(I’m not shitting you)
The Company Men
Due Date
127 Hours
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt.1
Black Swan
The Fighter
The Tempest
Tron: Legacy

This is a temporary list, things could get added or removed, but those are the flicks that I’m most down to pay the $10 or more to see.

So…who wants to see a flick.

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