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So, this will be a weird one, more of an injoke , but I figured I’d share this.

In the last page of the first issue of the Marvel comic SIEGE (and I can already hear the readers that don’t care leave) it ends with Captain America standing up from a chair while watching TV, ready for action.

Well in a recent podcast with ABOUTHEROES… ( click here to listen http://aboutheroes.com/2010/02/west-coast-about-heroes-episod-5.php) We joked around if Captian was looking a little …less flattering …

I couldn’t help myself, after we talked about this stupid image I had to draw it.

Thats it peoples, take care.

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I just did some sketches recently (I.E. today.)

I’ve been contributing to a comic book fansite, ABOUT HEROES,  (website : http://aboutheroes.com/

I’ve been doing their PODCAST and I wrote two articles for them and I’ve been having a lot of fun.

My buddy Josh Peterson(who helps run it)wanted to know if I can draw the podcast group.

In the website, when we do a new podcast, a picture is shown and our heads are photoshopped in on some nifty superhero bodies.


So, taking the photoshop picture as a starting point, I started doing some quick sketches of us so I can get an idea on how to draw us…

Justin Machine

Me as Machine Man

Chris Moon

Chris H. as Moon Knight

War Josh

Josh P. as War Machine.

These are not the final drawings, but it’s my first try to see what it would look like.  I still have to draw  Chris K. as Hank Pym.

Next up, is a little teaser…


A really, really,really rough first sketch on a new idea that I came up with this week. (Working title: SPOOKY)

And yep, thats a Werewolf, a ghost and a vampire. I wanted the vampire to have those really goofy big fangs.

It doesn’t really capture the more gothic feel I have in my mind, but I really wanted to get something on paper before I just let it slip away in the back of my mind.

It does capture the fact that I want this to be an All-Ages type story.

I will definitely do another take on this as more ideas come to me.

NOTE: Despite the fact that SPOOKY has a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf, it has nothing to do with the weird BBC Drama, BEING HUMAN.

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Be easy on me, I haven’t drawn in a while.


So this is a little piece of fan art I did based on the  movie “The Brothers Bloom”.


Straight up, one of my absolute favorite films that came out this year.

Any questions about the drawing, ask away and I would be happy to answer.

See ya, and check out the film it’s available on DVD to rent right now.

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