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Just like everyone else, I get bored. So what do I do that kills said boredom?

Watch some cool animated shorts on-line.

I saw this thing a few years back. A weird, anime-inspired short that’s too much fun.

But you know, while I have nothing against CGI cartoons, you miss traditional cel animation don’t you? Well,  look no further…

All I will say is, forget Johnny Depp…

OOOOh, don’t you wish that was a full length movie?!

You want a little more? Well, lets see what else can I give you guys…hmm..ok…I got one, but it’s a little..uh..just watch…

Yeah, it’s messed up, but I think this guys is ridiculously talented.

Here’s some other ones from Harry Partridge that are less messed up…

…oh, just one more messed up one….

Hope you guys enjoyed these, and at best, this helped kill some for you too.

p.s. Hmmm…ok…one last SUPER weird one from animator Harry Partridge….

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Just like everyone else, I get bored.
So what do I do that kills said boredom?
Watch  documentaries FREE online.

burns 2

The man in the picture above is Bob Burns.

He’s basically, the coolest film fan around. This dude has an amazing collection, the kind of collection that any sci-fi/horror/fantasy geek will faint at the sight of it.

He’s also pretty famous on Halloween. At one point in his life he and his wife used to put on Halloween shows for the kids in the neighborhood. It started off small(making a fake lab in the living room) till it got…well, a lot more elaborate.

How elaborate it got is the subject of the documentary, Bob Burn’s Hollywood Halloween.

It’s an incredible documentary that showcases the kind of awesome shows that I wish I got to see. Imagine the kind of shows the they do at Knott’s Halloween Haunt or Universals Halloween shows, except made with love and care by true film fans. They recreated scenes from films like The Time Machine, Forbidden Planet, Alien, The Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Thing (the original Howard Hawks version.) all for free!

The guys that he got involved weren’t just any film geeks either. He got likes of Dennis Muren (CGI master of T2), Rick Baker (the man who created the make up effects of American Werewolf in London) and Greg Nicotero (the man who created the make up effects for Sin City and From Dusk till Dawn.) and many more people like them through out the years.

The documentary is free here..


Trust me, after you watch this you’d want to plan a cool Halloween show for you neighborhood next year.

All right, I have to start getting my costume ready for this weekend.

Happy Halloween!


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Just like everyone else, I get bored.

So what do I do that kills said boredom?

Listen to music.

kirbykrackle Album Cover

It’s hard to get me into music.

I have to be in a certain place in my head and I just can’t get into a band just because you say their good, I have to be in the right mood.

So when I first heard of the band Kirby Krackle, I was skeptical.

Here’s their BIO from their website…

KIRBY KRACKLE is a Nerd Rock Band from Seattle, WA. A collaboration between two life-long pop-culture junkies, Jim Demonakos and Kyle Stevens, who have crafted an entire album of songs dedicated to comic books, video games, zombies, girls and much more.”

Ok, so thats all well and good but I won’t like  you guys just because you sing about Superman and the Fantastic Four.

So thank god they’re also good musicians that know how to write some fun songs.

Since I got their album last week I haven’t stopped listening to it.  Even though they sing about geeky stuff, I honestly would still like their music regardless of their topics since  I think they’re songs are insanely catchy.

That being said their song, “Going Home”, does strike a nice nerve for me since it’s a real sincere song about the reasons as to why geeks love to go to comic conventions.

Kirby Krackle Ring Capacity

“Ring Capacity” is my personal favorite from the group as it a clever, rocking tribute to Green Lantern.

I know, it sounds lame but give them a shot. Check out their official website (http://www.kirbykracklemusic.com/) and listen to their live stream or you can check out their live performance here that they recently did at the Long Beach Comic Con (but I do suggest listening to their streaming songs first, the quality is great)

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Boredom killers…..

Just like everyone else, I get bored.

So what do I do that kills said boredom?

Digg into some new comics and watch DVDs.


Why these movies?

I guess I was in a mood to watch a bunch of films in which teens are the lead.

A lot of these was me just rewatching them (Nick and Nora, The Wackness, and The Debut) but I haven’t seen American Teen since I saw it this week.

American Teen is a very entertaining documentary that focuses on five teens who live in Warsaw, Indiana. It follows the usual types that we see in teen dramas; the jock, the geek, the popular girl, the heart-throb, and the rebellious art girl.

While I did like it..about midway through I was wondering about its authenticy as a documentary. Some of the events feel planned out, and I sort of felt cheated afterwards. But  I decided to, well , let that slide and just go with the film and in the end just enjoy it as a movie.

The only movie that doesn’t count as a teen flick was “The Baxter”.  I’ve seen this a few times already and while it was not a perfect movie, it’s got a cute romance that builds between Micheal Showalters character and Michelle Williams that is a lot of fun to watch.


Why these comics?

I like both writers quite a bit(Geoff Johns on Superman Secret Origin, and Robert Kirkman is just one of my favorite comic writers period.)

Invincible  is also one of my all time favorite comics right now, and I basically never miss an issue.


uhh…why katanas?

My sister’s boyfriend was getting ready throw these out and…well..how  could I not pass up a chance to own pair of katanas?

Soo, thats my weekend. I watched, I read, and I owned.

That is it…and hey, maybe with those Katanas, next time I might actually kill boredom…..just boredom, not like a person or an animal or something…..

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