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There are many reasons why people won’t like this. The way Rogen both wrote and portrayed Britt Reid. The unoriginality of the story. Maybe the tone throws them off. I get that, but all honestly, I really liked this.

The chemistry with Rogen and Chou is fantastic. I love how they built they’re friendship. I personally get why these two guys are friends. It kinda makes it fun that these two guys decide to be superheroes out of cockiness. Their first scenes in the garage, getting drunk, and getting to know each other are my favorite scenes in the film. They felt legitimate.

I know I will get total SHIT for this, but I liked Jay Chou in it. For me, his broken English actually works for Kato. I though he was charismatic and really likable, and they used this broken English to even help with the comedic timing on the flick.

I also want to defend Seth Rogen for a bit. Rogen isn’t quite playing the usual Rogen character. Here, he’s a guy who a bit of a prick, not the loveable-manchild-stoner he usually plays. But, Rogen plays this type well, and it’s quiet fun to see him playing against type. I will however agree that the character is hard to like, and he takes a while to finally grow. Hopefully if they can do a Green Hornet 2 they will lessen on Britt Reid…asshole.

Waltz makes a decent villain. I kinda dig the weird idea of a bad guy going through a midlife crisis. I personally could watch Christoph Waltz read the phone book, so I dug him in this.

Cameron Diaz is fine in this, funny in her scenes with Rogen and Chou, but her character seems lost in the writing. Her character feels undefined.

Michel Gondry’s style is a little quieter then usual, but it comes out in awesome little spurts. One scene in particular has the MOTHER of all split-screens! He also handles the fight scenes with ease at the action in this film is well done, and just plain fun to watch.

For the hardcore Green Hornet fans…you’d be surprise how close to the material they are. There are plenty of nods to the franchise (the first outfits that Reid and Kato wear are a nice homage to their first comic book looks for one example)

So yeah, I truly had fun with this film. Go in with the right attitude, and you’d have a good time too.

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During the super bowl there were plenty of big summer event film ads.  Watching these something accrued to me, this is a big crowed summer of aliens attacking earth movies. More so then usual. Four to be exact. Lets look at them shall we…

Everything I’ve seen so far looks cool. This new ad has a bunch of new scenes. I’m really diggin Daniel Craig jumping on top of that freaky alien ship.

The aesthetic of this flick reminds me of District 9 by way of Black Hawk Down, which is not a bad thing. This looks like it could be tons of fun. I’m down.

No! No! I refuse to get tricked again! No! Screw you!…but damn it that shot of Optimus…No! No! Your just going to piss me off again…but I will admit…this is a cool looking ad…but…the ads for TF: Revenge of the Fallen looked good too.

My favorite trailer of the night. Many things to look forward too. JJ Abrams first feature film not based on an existing property. The fact that they want to make the kind of films that ol’ Steven Spielberg used to make. The look of this film. The idea that the story’s lead characters are a group of kids making movies in their backyard. But the simple thing for me, is that I love the fact that I’m not sure what is happening in this story, but I know I want to see it.


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