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Geez, let a dude get busy, and all of a sudden, he forgets he has a blog.

Well, I’m determine to not neglect my blog like I did my Myspace blog.

I noticed that since I started blog on here I have had a pattern.

September- 3 Blogs

October- 5 Blogs

November- 3 Blogs

So it is up to me to make sure I continue this little pattern and try to get 5 blogs done this month.

But first things first..

Remember Scarymovie Fest? https://justinquizon12.wordpress.com/2009/10/09/scarymovie-festival-2009-part-1/

Yeah…that didn’t go so well.

One of my biggest mistakes on my Myspace blog was giving myself assignment blogs, because once I start them…I NEVER FINISH THEM.

I now know I want to blog about things when they come to me, not force myself a homework assignment.

I know it seems like I’m contradicting myself here, saying I will plan to write 5 blogs, yet  I don’t want to force myself to write.

Well, it’s just easier to plan on writing 5 essays and not deciding on what they will be, as suppose to forcing myself to write an assign subject that I’m not excited to write about in that particular time.

…..that and I’m a GIANT procrastinator when I can be.

It’s not like I didn’t watch any of the movies on my Scarymovie Fest list. I did watch one of them….

This was a fun, silly “B-” or “C grade” horror film.

The concept was easy. It’s “Rear Window” meets “Friday the 13th” meets “Jaws”.

It does all the cliché horror movie moments, but does it in a surprisingly fresh way.

Matt McCoy is great in the lead, playing it with just the right amount of  realism this silly film gets.

And for you horror fans, yes, you get your blood and boobs and two really nifty kills.

It’s been a decent month so far, and I hope everyone is well. Take care.


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Well, its good to have goals, even nerdy ones.

It’s October and any film geek worth his fanboy badge knows this is the month…of SCARY MOVIES.

So, looking at my ungodly-way-to-big-for-it’s-own-good DVD collection I realized I got a lot of  horror/scary movies that I haven’t watched since I’ve gotten them. 

Some of them I’ve seen before and I just wanted to own, some of them I bought but I haven’t watched yet, and others are ones that I just borrowed but haven’t gotten around to popping them in the DVD player.

Want to see what I have in store for myself? No prob people…..


So here’s whats on the menu…

Abominable, The Decent, The Host, Dorm, A Tale of Two Sisters, Seven, Dead Silence, Puppet Master 4, Puppet Master 5,  Sleepy Hollow, The Flesh and Blood Show, Evil Aliens and Pans Labyrinth.(yeah, debate all you want on putting SEVEN on there, but that movie scared me when I was a kid.)

And those are all the ones I have on me right now, but who knows, I could add more (I noticed Drag me to Hell came out this week on DVD, and I have been kicking myself for missing out on it.)

So, my goal is to try to finish the list I have on here before the months out, even if I add a title, I would like to finish the list I wrote on here first.

How I write about each film will depend on the flick it self. I might feel passionate about it (either positively or negatively) to write a lot, or I will find the film so blase that a paragraph or two will sum up how I feel.

So, let’s get this started…


I was always curious about the second film from the writer and the director of the original SAW. I always liked the first SAW ( though I have never bothered with th 5 sequels that followed it.) I thought it was a stylish and pretty entertaining thriller so I was wondering how their follow up feature was like

Dead Silenceis your classic small town is fearful of an urban legend tale. A young man , who’s wife is mysteriously murdered, returns home to try to solve her murder and wonder how it ties with the towns lone ghost story, the tale of the evil Mary Shaw, the haunted ventriloquist.

Director James Wan’s got a good eye as his visuals are pretty strong. Good creepy mood, nice transitions, and some real cool camera tricks keeps the flick  boring to look at…to bad for its slow pacing and no real sense of tension makes the film really not very scary.

The script is also, by all accounts, lazy. It’s full of your usual horror movie cliches. The annoying cop that doesn’t believe the protagonist, the protagonist that has a father that he hates, the crazy old lady who sees the ghots etc.

Like SAW there are no real interesting protagonists. The lead, played by Ryan Kwanten, is just lifeless as both a character and as a performer.

The film even tries to pull a SAW-like twist at the end, but instead of being a cool surprise, came off uninspiring as a BIG reveal.

Dead Silence was overall an OK film, but it’s one that I probably won’t watch again any time soon.

Take is all for now, and I hope I follow through with another one soon.

Take care peoples.



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