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So this weekend, New Line Cinemas released the teaser trailer to the remake( or “reimagining”…ugh) of “A Nightmare on Elm Street”.

Check it…

Some of the things I dig about it.

1. The opening of the trailer is my favorite part of the whole thing. I like that they’re hinting at the idea of playing Freddy Kreuger a little more sympathetic. The way that Jackie Earl Haley delivers the line “What do you think I did, I didn’t do anything!” was fantastic. Seeing Clancy Brown (who’s always bad ass in any film, Highlander, Starship Troopers etc.) makes me smile since he brings a great menace to the it. The opening also hints at the idea of maybe the parents feeling guilty about their choice.

2. Theres some nice visuals in it.

3. Jackie Earl Haley is my main interest in this, and after seeing him in Little Children and Watchmen, I am really excited to see how he’s going to do this. He’s a good actor and he just seems to be perfect in the role.

But, theres a problem. Looking at the trailer one of things I did notice is that, this looks to be the exact same movie as the original. Almost beat for beat, shot for shot.

I know, I know, it’s a remake, but hear me out on this. When Friday the 13th came out last year, it had a neat idea. Instead of a straightforward remake, it did some cleaning up, retooling and played with the old movies.

What the Friday the 13th remake did was combine elements of the first four Friday the 13th movies and reworked the mythology, and I had fun seeing how they did that.

So looking at the Nightmare remake, I see a missed opportunity. There are so many places to go, and as I wrote earlier, it could still go there, but I’m sensing that after the opening scenes it will just  be like the original movie.

The Nightmare franchise has always been a cool series of movies. Here, imagination kills, dreams kill…you could do anything here.

Could you imagine a Gullermo Del Toro type directing a Nightmare movie? A filmmaker using his imagination to his full horror extent?

All I’m saying, with a concept like Nightmare, you could try thinking out of the box.

Example? Ok try this…

Ok, the acting is pretty much crap, but look, the guy was thinking of new ways to freshen up Freddy Krueger. I kinda dug the idea of a Freddy Krueger walking around with flames. It was a neat take, it was different.

Well, who knows. I haven’t seen the remake yet, and it could be surprising.  Why don’t we all find out next year then.

Sweet dreams people.

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Boredom killers…..

Just like everyone else, I get bored.

So what do I do that kills said boredom?

Digg into some new comics and watch DVDs.


Why these movies?

I guess I was in a mood to watch a bunch of films in which teens are the lead.

A lot of these was me just rewatching them (Nick and Nora, The Wackness, and The Debut) but I haven’t seen American Teen since I saw it this week.

American Teen is a very entertaining documentary that focuses on five teens who live in Warsaw, Indiana. It follows the usual types that we see in teen dramas; the jock, the geek, the popular girl, the heart-throb, and the rebellious art girl.

While I did like it..about midway through I was wondering about its authenticy as a documentary. Some of the events feel planned out, and I sort of felt cheated afterwards. But  I decided to, well , let that slide and just go with the film and in the end just enjoy it as a movie.

The only movie that doesn’t count as a teen flick was “The Baxter”.  I’ve seen this a few times already and while it was not a perfect movie, it’s got a cute romance that builds between Micheal Showalters character and Michelle Williams that is a lot of fun to watch.


Why these comics?

I like both writers quite a bit(Geoff Johns on Superman Secret Origin, and Robert Kirkman is just one of my favorite comic writers period.)

Invincible  is also one of my all time favorite comics right now, and I basically never miss an issue.


uhh…why katanas?

My sister’s boyfriend was getting ready throw these out and…well..how  could I not pass up a chance to own pair of katanas?

Soo, thats my weekend. I watched, I read, and I owned.

That is it…and hey, maybe with those Katanas, next time I might actually kill boredom…..just boredom, not like a person or an animal or something…..

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Thanks to everyone who recommended WordPress.

So yes, this is my own official blog. Complete with egotastical-selfdrawn custom header of me

Blog Header

(Here is the full version before I had to crop it. Still need to learn a few things.)

Hope you guys enjoy it here.

First real blog might come in sooner then you think.


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