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I love this show, and yes, so does most of the internet.

Sadly, the show is currently on hiatus, which simply means that we don’t know WHEN it will come back.

I have faith that it will come back before we know it, but it does mean a long wait time.

So whats a fan to do? For me, it’s looking back on this season and remember my favorite moments.

What are those moments? Glad you ask….

-First off, Troy representing Georgia.

-Next, Garrett informing us when there’s a CRISIS ALERT!

-Professor Kane wondering about the changes that happened while he was in jail.

-Britta’s reaction to when the pizza arrives.

-Jeffs amazing  performance in the new Greendale commercial.

-The fact that the song that Abed sings in this clip…

…is what Troy sang when he entered this scene.

Actually, that whole scene is just kinda amazing. From Annie’s  Christian Bale “impression” to Troy’s actually being afraid of Abeds knowledge of pop culture for once.

-Next up, the clip that birthed a million GIFs.

Also, Annie’s performance breaking down from dumb sexy girl to caveman to a baby is pretty amazing.

-And of course, the clip I couldn’t stop watching for days.

My goal has been to try to memorize Troys part of the song. I think I almost got it.

See ya next year Community…whenever you came back….when…..OH GOD PLEASE COME BACK TO US SOON!

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As the  years go by, and as I get older, sometimes it’s harder get into the holidays spirit.

But if I ever need to get that instant jolt of Christmas Cheer,well then I look to these flicks to help me. And no, this is not going to be one of those list in which I put movies that are SET on Christmas but are not actually about Christmas (I.E. Die Hard, Gremlins, Lethal Weapon etc.) Nope, this will be a list of legit Christmas movies.

Truth be told, it doesn’t feel like Christmas unless I’ve seen  at least a few of these movies, and it certainly doesn’t feel like Christmas unless I saw a full viewing of my number 1 movie.


Director Jon Favreau was able to use Will Farrell’s most famous (and now most overused) schtick , a manchild, and made it into this generations first iconic holiday character. Nearly a decade later, ELF only gets better for me. It’s quotable, funny as hell, sweet but yet has a enough edge to make the adults not roll their eyes.

Here is the scene that I quote every time I think about this movie.


Funny enough, I wasn’t a big fan of this when I first saw it. Don’t get me wrong, I liked it, but I was a bit disappointed, thinking that it was TOO many stories. But as the years go on and the more I watch it, the more I get suckered in to it and more I fell for it. You gotta love the cast too. It’s pretty great seeing so many great actors, most of them known for their dramatic roles, and to play in something like this was just fun. You can tell that they where having fun.   And for me, it’s all about this scene.

How can your day not brighten up after hearing that score?


For a tale that gets told over….and over….and over….and over……this version still one works on me. Maybe it’s because I’m such a Bill Murray nut. While it’s fun to watch their modern take on Charles Dickens classic, the end scene is what makes it such a big deal for me.

Murray’s speech is great, and Murray performance is wonderful. It’s my favorite of the “Scrooge realizes” moments in movies. It’s the reason why it’s so high on this list.

Oh, and this bit…

“Put a little love in Your Heart”  is my favorite part of the whole ending. God, I would have loved to have seen this movie in the theaters when it came out.  To be in the audience when Murray is asking them to join along. I hope people joined in with Murray, because this was still a magical moment even for me when I was watching at home.


A cliched answer? Perhaps, but I have a reason.

Back in 2005, I took a job doing sound for a play version of It’s A Wonderful Life. I knew the director, and he asked me to do it. I said yes, mostly because I was flattered by the idea that someone wanted ME specifically. I then realized that I never did sound for a theater production before.What the hell was I doing?

So, the week before rehearsals, I asked one of my friends who DID do sound for theater to give me a crash course on the mixing board. It seemed easy enough, and after a few weeks of rehearsal, I pretty much got it. The whole time during rehearsal I played it like I knew what I was doing, and tried my hardest to not mess up. Even still, we did a two night performance of the show, I didn’t miss a single cue. I apparently was so good, when I told the rest of the cast that I actually never did it before, they were all stunned! It was a pretty proud moment for me.

So thanks to the play, I got to know the story of It’s A Wonderful Life really well…but the truth is I actually haven’t seen the film yet! That Christmas eve, my brother let me borrow his copy of the film and I finally watched it. There’s something about seeing it for the first time that you never forget. Your heart swells, you gut gets punched, and you go along for the ride with George Bailey. It will always be my personal favorite Jimmy Stewart performance. So yes, I love the film dearly and for me, personally, I will always associate it to the memory of accomplishing a goal, I just have to try hard enough.


Flat out, it ain’t Christmas, unless I’m watching a full viewing of  A Christmas Story at least twice!

It’s that movie that will always be there for me. That sure thing. That movie that will take me back to my childhood, no problem what so ever.

It’s a movie that gets the whole child mentality of wanting THE gift. The gift that, when your a kid, will make your whole year.

But it’s not just getting into the mind set of being a kid that I love. I love that how for a Christmas movie, it’s a bit grimy, unpolished, and just a tad bit dark.

And when the flick it is on TV, everything is fresh again. The characters are still great. The writing is still sharp. And this scene  still gets me every time.

Fra ra ra ra ra indeed.


I actually haven’t seen this in years, but I wanted to talk about this for a second. You see, whats cool about this film is that, for all the MILLION different versions of A CHRISTMAS CAROL that they made, this was my first exposure of the tale. It was also my introduction to Scrooge McDuck, who I love now thanks to Ducktales.

And while I’ve seen many versions of this tale (ahem, look at number  3 again.) this one will have a special memory for me because THIS was how I was introduced to it. Thanks Mickey!

Well, that is it everyone. I hope you all have a very Happy Holidays!

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