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Watch these three trailers and see if you can catch what they all share….

Who knew there were so many “Action guy who helps out screaming woman while bad guys chase after them” movies being released this year.

Who knew there were so many being MADE this year.

Of course the best film in this genre is still this one….

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So, this will be a weird one, more of an injoke , but I figured I’d share this.

In the last page of the first issue of the Marvel comic SIEGE (and I can already hear the readers that don’t care leave) it ends with Captain America standing up from a chair while watching TV, ready for action.

Well in a recent podcast with ABOUTHEROES… ( click here to listen http://aboutheroes.com/2010/02/west-coast-about-heroes-episod-5.php) We joked around if Captian was looking a little …less flattering …

I couldn’t help myself, after we talked about this stupid image I had to draw it.

Thats it peoples, take care.

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