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I just did some sketches recently (I.E. today.)

I’ve been contributing to a comic book fansite, ABOUT HEROES,  (website : http://aboutheroes.com/

I’ve been doing their PODCAST and I wrote two articles for them and I’ve been having a lot of fun.

My buddy Josh Peterson(who helps run it)wanted to know if I can draw the podcast group.

In the website, when we do a new podcast, a picture is shown and our heads are photoshopped in on some nifty superhero bodies.


So, taking the photoshop picture as a starting point, I started doing some quick sketches of us so I can get an idea on how to draw us…

Justin Machine

Me as Machine Man

Chris Moon

Chris H. as Moon Knight

War Josh

Josh P. as War Machine.

These are not the final drawings, but it’s my first try to see what it would look like.  I still have to draw  Chris K. as Hank Pym.

Next up, is a little teaser…


A really, really,really rough first sketch on a new idea that I came up with this week. (Working title: SPOOKY)

And yep, thats a Werewolf, a ghost and a vampire. I wanted the vampire to have those really goofy big fangs.

It doesn’t really capture the more gothic feel I have in my mind, but I really wanted to get something on paper before I just let it slip away in the back of my mind.

It does capture the fact that I want this to be an All-Ages type story.

I will definitely do another take on this as more ideas come to me.

NOTE: Despite the fact that SPOOKY has a ghost, a vampire and a werewolf, it has nothing to do with the weird BBC Drama, BEING HUMAN.

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Bad Raditude?

Whenever I think of Weezer, I usually associate them to good memories.

I think back on finally finding a band I can relate to ( I loved Blink 182, but I don’t I see myself in any of their songs) when I turned 15.

I think back on the summer of my junior year leading to my senior year of High School (still the best summer I’d ever had in my teens). The green album was basically my soundtrack to that summer.

I had my first (ok..my only) Vegas trip with my friends, in which we played Make Believe on the drive to and on the drive back.

Last years Pork and Beans music video made me smile like no other and I have fond memories of singing Dreamin with my friends driving on our way to SD Comic Con.

Yes, not every song is great(and yes, most of the songs in Make Believe aren’t that good ) but there are at least a few songs per album that work on me.

So a few days ago I got a nice surprise. A friend of mine who works for a record company got a few copies for free and gave me one of them.


THAT made my day.

I got home, and like a little nerd, pretty much announced it via twitter/Facebook, that I got the new album a day a head for free.

I was expecting some comments like “Thats awesome!” or ” Sweet! I’m jealous!”  or “I can’t wait to listen to it myself!”.

….thats not what I got.

A few friends emailed me/ twitter me their reaction.

-“It sucks man.”

-” Weezer: Radidtude :C”

-“Total disappointment.’

-“It’s a good thing you didn’t pay for it.”


I barely got a chance to listen to it….and after reading those comments…well damn it, thats not what I wanted hear.

Listen, not to go into it too deep, but I’ve been having a rough year. I was hoping to just kick back and listen to this album and take it for it was… but now, I was getting worried.

It was silly, but I guess I didn’t want Weezer to disappoint me too.

So I didn’t listen to it for the whole day.

Now let me take you take you back an hour ago.

I was watching tv, and all of a sudden my 15-year-old nephew, Andrew, comes in excited.

“You got the new Weezer!” he asks holding the CD in his hands.

“Yeah, ” I replied ” A friend got it for me for free.”

“Thats so cool!” He said big smile on his face.

I tell him he can import it later for his computer and he replied with a very happy “thanks.”

That got me thinking.

My opinion on the CD is still up in the air ( have been listening to while I have been writing this) but whatever my final reaction I’ll be happy. 

Why? Because I’m happy that Weezer is still affecting a young 15-year-old who finally found his band.

Because this 15-year-old is going to be making his own memories, and I’m glad that Weezer can still do that for someone.

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Monty Pythons “The Parrot Sketch” is a classic.

If you’re even a casual Python fan it’s pretty much an unwritten rule that you at least have to quote this sketch by heart.

BUT the first time I saw “The Parrot Sketch” was when I caught it on SNL, nearly a decade ago. It wasn’t till years later that I finally got to see the original version.

I haven’t seen the SNL take on the sketch since I saw it first aired but bless the internet, not only is the original sketch up and about, so is the SNL one!

Lets watch shall we….

And below is the link to the SNL one….


The funniest story concerning the SNL version was that on the week of the show, Lorne Michaels asked John Cleese and Michael Palin if they could perform the sketch on SNL that week.

Cleese and Palin agreed, but both realized they completely forgot how the sketch went.(And mind you, this was before internet video was as big as is it today so they couldn’t have just looked it up.) One of them came up with pretty brilliant idea to figure out the sketch…go to a local college and find a fan.

Thats exactly what they did. They went to NYU, found a fan, the fan wrote the whole sketch FROM MEMORY(see, what did I tell you) and thats the version that went up on SNL later that week.

So knowing this, it’s pretty clear why the newer one isn’t that good. The number one problem is that the pacing is very slow in the newer one. Cleese and Palin’s performance just doesn’t have the same energy (which is fine, it was just a couple of decades since they last did it). My theory is that since it has been so long, they forgot how to play for the laughs in the sketch.

In the end, the big problem is that it was trying to recapture the magic of the first time, and with that long between doing it the first time (and most likely not having enough time to rehearse) and doing it for SNL, we have a very flawed version of the sketch.

That being said, it was very cool to see Palin and Cleese act together in a sketch again, especially being it being that sketch.

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