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Just like everyone else, I get bored.
So what do I do that kills said boredom?
Watch  documentaries FREE online.

burns 2

The man in the picture above is Bob Burns.

He’s basically, the coolest film fan around. This dude has an amazing collection, the kind of collection that any sci-fi/horror/fantasy geek will faint at the sight of it.

He’s also pretty famous on Halloween. At one point in his life he and his wife used to put on Halloween shows for the kids in the neighborhood. It started off small(making a fake lab in the living room) till it got…well, a lot more elaborate.

How elaborate it got is the subject of the documentary, Bob Burn’s Hollywood Halloween.

It’s an incredible documentary that showcases the kind of awesome shows that I wish I got to see. Imagine the kind of shows the they do at Knott’s Halloween Haunt or Universals Halloween shows, except made with love and care by true film fans. They recreated scenes from films like The Time Machine, Forbidden Planet, Alien, The Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Thing (the original Howard Hawks version.) all for free!

The guys that he got involved weren’t just any film geeks either. He got likes of Dennis Muren (CGI master of T2), Rick Baker (the man who created the make up effects of American Werewolf in London) and Greg Nicotero (the man who created the make up effects for Sin City and From Dusk till Dawn.) and many more people like them through out the years.

The documentary is free here..


Trust me, after you watch this you’d want to plan a cool Halloween show for you neighborhood next year.

All right, I have to start getting my costume ready for this weekend.

Happy Halloween!


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Wait, isn’t this my blog?

It is, but I just read this quick list from Kevin Smith on the subject his favorite comic book movies and it pretty much matched my list.

Click on the link below…


And I’ll go one further and add my commentary on  his choices and show why I agree (or disagree) with him….

BATMAN (89) –Despite its problems, it still was a bench mark movie for comic books as it started to showcase how to take the material seriously.
THE DARK KNIGHT-It’s awesome….uhh….thats why…and it’s better than Batma(89).
ROCKETEER – I have a soft spot for this film. It’s good ol’ fashioned fun.
TMNT (90) –Way better(and darker) then it had any right to be.
IRON MAN –The first time I saw a Marvel film and really thought, “Holy shit! I’m watching a MARVEL movie!”
INCREDIBLE HULK(08) – This movie was the Hulk movie I’ve dreamed about when I was a kid.
SUPERMAN –Set the standard on how to make a classy superhero film with heart.
SUPERMAN II –First attempt to do a bad ass, big super hero battle on the big screen.
GHOST WORLD –My favorite indy comic movie. Damn fucking funny.
DAREDEVIL –I liked it, it’s not perfect, but I liked it. Hated Garners Elecktra, but I dug Afflecks Murdock. I know, I’m weird.
XMEN –The third wave comic book movie standard (Superman was the first, Batman second..)
XMEN 2 –It’s the Wrath of Khan of superhero flicks!
XMEN 3-Sorry Kevin Smith, I hate this one. ALOT, and the use of Iceman was one of them.

BLADE –Bloody, bloody good times.
BATMAN BEGINS –Finally getting the character of Batman/Bruce Wayne right!
BATMAN RETURNS –Catwoman still rules in this….
WATCHMEN –FUCK my friends who hated this, for the last time…I.LOVED. IT.
300 –AMAZING action and bad assery.
THE CROW –Took the gritty and gothic look that Batman(89) created…and perfected it. Amazing performance from the late Brandon Lee.
SIN CITY –The first time they truly took the material from the comic and try to make it the COMIC.
SPIDERMAN 2 –Everything about this movie still works for me. Great villain, story, and action. Improves on the flaws from the first one and made an incredibly successful sequel.
V FOR VENDETTA- A little more on the nose with the message for my taste, but I still really enjoy this.

Whew, that was fun. Things I would add on my list?

AMERICAN SPLENDOR-A great combination of narrative and documentary that truly captures Harvey Pekars comics.

BLADE 2-Loved the Reapers!

HELLBOY2: THE GOLDEN ARMY- A lot of people didn’t get into it, but I dug it. Cooler monsters, better fight scenes, and a pretty fun story.

MYSTERY MEN- Amazing cast! Funny as hell! Crazy weird action! Underated movie if you ask me.


(Art by Greg Horn, from Wizard magazine.)

Any ones that Kevin Smith missed? Any ones that I missed? What do you guys think?

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Be easy on me, I haven’t drawn in a while.


So this is a little piece of fan art I did based on the  movie “The Brothers Bloom”.


Straight up, one of my absolute favorite films that came out this year.

Any questions about the drawing, ask away and I would be happy to answer.

See ya, and check out the film it’s available on DVD to rent right now.

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Just like everyone else, I get bored.

So what do I do that kills said boredom?

Listen to music.

kirbykrackle Album Cover

It’s hard to get me into music.

I have to be in a certain place in my head and I just can’t get into a band just because you say their good, I have to be in the right mood.

So when I first heard of the band Kirby Krackle, I was skeptical.

Here’s their BIO from their website…

KIRBY KRACKLE is a Nerd Rock Band from Seattle, WA. A collaboration between two life-long pop-culture junkies, Jim Demonakos and Kyle Stevens, who have crafted an entire album of songs dedicated to comic books, video games, zombies, girls and much more.”

Ok, so thats all well and good but I won’t like  you guys just because you sing about Superman and the Fantastic Four.

So thank god they’re also good musicians that know how to write some fun songs.

Since I got their album last week I haven’t stopped listening to it.  Even though they sing about geeky stuff, I honestly would still like their music regardless of their topics since  I think they’re songs are insanely catchy.

That being said their song, “Going Home”, does strike a nice nerve for me since it’s a real sincere song about the reasons as to why geeks love to go to comic conventions.

Kirby Krackle Ring Capacity

“Ring Capacity” is my personal favorite from the group as it a clever, rocking tribute to Green Lantern.

I know, it sounds lame but give them a shot. Check out their official website (http://www.kirbykracklemusic.com/) and listen to their live stream or you can check out their live performance here that they recently did at the Long Beach Comic Con (but I do suggest listening to their streaming songs first, the quality is great)

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Well, its good to have goals, even nerdy ones.

It’s October and any film geek worth his fanboy badge knows this is the month…of SCARY MOVIES.

So, looking at my ungodly-way-to-big-for-it’s-own-good DVD collection I realized I got a lot of  horror/scary movies that I haven’t watched since I’ve gotten them. 

Some of them I’ve seen before and I just wanted to own, some of them I bought but I haven’t watched yet, and others are ones that I just borrowed but haven’t gotten around to popping them in the DVD player.

Want to see what I have in store for myself? No prob people…..


So here’s whats on the menu…

Abominable, The Decent, The Host, Dorm, A Tale of Two Sisters, Seven, Dead Silence, Puppet Master 4, Puppet Master 5,  Sleepy Hollow, The Flesh and Blood Show, Evil Aliens and Pans Labyrinth.(yeah, debate all you want on putting SEVEN on there, but that movie scared me when I was a kid.)

And those are all the ones I have on me right now, but who knows, I could add more (I noticed Drag me to Hell came out this week on DVD, and I have been kicking myself for missing out on it.)

So, my goal is to try to finish the list I have on here before the months out, even if I add a title, I would like to finish the list I wrote on here first.

How I write about each film will depend on the flick it self. I might feel passionate about it (either positively or negatively) to write a lot, or I will find the film so blase that a paragraph or two will sum up how I feel.

So, let’s get this started…


I was always curious about the second film from the writer and the director of the original SAW. I always liked the first SAW ( though I have never bothered with th 5 sequels that followed it.) I thought it was a stylish and pretty entertaining thriller so I was wondering how their follow up feature was like

Dead Silenceis your classic small town is fearful of an urban legend tale. A young man , who’s wife is mysteriously murdered, returns home to try to solve her murder and wonder how it ties with the towns lone ghost story, the tale of the evil Mary Shaw, the haunted ventriloquist.

Director James Wan’s got a good eye as his visuals are pretty strong. Good creepy mood, nice transitions, and some real cool camera tricks keeps the flick  boring to look at…to bad for its slow pacing and no real sense of tension makes the film really not very scary.

The script is also, by all accounts, lazy. It’s full of your usual horror movie cliches. The annoying cop that doesn’t believe the protagonist, the protagonist that has a father that he hates, the crazy old lady who sees the ghots etc.

Like SAW there are no real interesting protagonists. The lead, played by Ryan Kwanten, is just lifeless as both a character and as a performer.

The film even tries to pull a SAW-like twist at the end, but instead of being a cool surprise, came off uninspiring as a BIG reveal.

Dead Silence was overall an OK film, but it’s one that I probably won’t watch again any time soon.

Take is all for now, and I hope I follow through with another one soon.

Take care peoples.



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