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This past weekend I got the chance to see the Indonesian action film, The Raid.

Needless to say, if you know me at all….you know that this film is completely my cup of tea. It’s the kind of action film I crave. Amazing fights, tight story, likeable heroes, hateful villains, kick ass score (which I am listening to right now as I write this) and wonderful direction.

So of course…..Hollywood wants to remake it.

So lets ask this question, the question everyone ask when they hear a film is going to be remade…WHY?

For the Studio, the answer is simple: it’s got an easy premise to redo and it’s got some name recognition.

Ok, I get that, but can I explain that isn’t really enough to remake this movie?

What’s there to remake? The premise isn’t such a high concept idea that you can easily see another take on it. This isn’t an Infernal Affairs to The Departed situation. It’s main appeal is that it’s simple. It’s a reason to have fights.

What I’m trying to get at here, is that The Raid works because of execution.

The way that writer/director/editor, Gareth Evans , and his star/fight choreographer, Iko Uwais, have crafted this film with razor sharp action movie accuracy is what’s blowing people away from this film.

It’s clear that Gareth Evans is from the school of showing clear fight geography,  a class that a few Hollywood directors should retake…or take if they haven’t yet. :::coughGaryRoss:::coughMichaelBay:::coughEVERYOTHERHOLLYWOODDIRECTOR…cough

My suggestion? Instead of remaking The Raid, learn from it. Watch it a few times, and listen to the audience. See  and hear what’s getting them excited.

Hollywood used to be the home of high adrenaline filled action films! Your telling me there isn’t a single script in the piles and piles of scripts you guys have underneath all the remakes,reboots, prequels, sequels, comic book movies, and TV show adaptions that you can’t retro fit to have your own The Raid?

I’m sure you do. You’re just not looking hard enough.

Sigh…your not even listening to me are you? That’s ok, I’ll just watch The Raid again.

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I think it’s safe to say that The Hangover can be considered a new comedy classic. It’s got a great sense of pace, comedic set pieces, chemistry between the cast, and memorable moment after memorable moment.  It’s pretty damn great, and many people seem to agree. I sadly didn’t get the chance to see it until it was at the dollar theater (2009, the year I was SUPER broke) so I didn’t get to join the talk until later.

Of course, with a film doing that big, Hollywood planned on…whatelse…a sequel….

I’ll be honest, I’m a bit hesitant on this. Was this screaming for a sequel? Not really. I was totally fine just ending it right were it was. I mean, what? The guys get hung over…again?? I feared that a sequel will just be the filmmakers doing the first movie again. The new teaser trailer did little to convince me otherwise…

Now, don’t me wrong, I do like that teaser. It’s got swagger. I mean, the critic blurbs in the beginning is pretty much swinging confidence. The choice of the Jay-Z song is perfect, and the reveal shot of the boys is great. I kinda wish this is all we see for the new film, just keep the rest of the flick in the dark until it comes out. It’s got the popularity to do so. Also…who doesn’t love a monkey?

But, right away I see some way too familar things. First off, the previously mentioned monkey? That means the boys are stuck with an animal again, probably not sure how they got it. Just like last time. Stu is disfigured again (thought the Tyson tattoo is a nice call back to the first flick so I’ll give them that.) and so far it seems like Doug’s missing…again.

But you know what, this is only a teaser trailer and I’m unfairly judging it on that alone. I’m also not going to lie, I’m watching this. I’m down. I like the cast, and the director, enough to see what they got up their sleeves. I just hope their not going to repeat themselves too much.

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Japanese commercials are always fun to watch.  Beyond just noticing the culture clash, it’s pretty funny to watch the crazy energy and enthusiasm these commercials have.

Here are three of the funniest ones to me….

What the hell did they put in those drinks? No one can be that excited for Spongebob…right?

That’s…one way to sell a burger.

OK! Do you even KNOW what your selling here?! Because I don’t!

Yeah, this blog is a bit on the random side, but this was on my mind for some reason.

And I also there are probably much more crazy ones out there? Any one want to share?

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