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I love this show, and yes, so does most of the internet.

Sadly, the show is currently on hiatus, which simply means that we don’t know WHEN it will come back.

I have faith that it will come back before we know it, but it does mean a long wait time.

So whats a fan to do? For me, it’s looking back on this season and remember my favorite moments.

What are those moments? Glad you ask….

-First off, Troy representing Georgia.

-Next, Garrett informing us when there’s a CRISIS ALERT!

-Professor Kane wondering about the changes that happened while he was in jail.

-Britta’s reaction to when the pizza arrives.

-Jeffs amazingĀ  performance in the new Greendale commercial.

-The fact that the song that Abed sings in this clip…

…is what Troy sang when he entered this scene.

Actually, that whole scene is just kinda amazing. From Annie’sĀ  Christian Bale “impression” to Troy’s actually being afraid of Abeds knowledge of pop culture for once.

-Next up, the clip that birthed a million GIFs.

Also, Annie’s performance breaking down from dumb sexy girl to caveman to a baby is pretty amazing.

-And of course, the clip I couldn’t stop watching for days.

My goal has been to try to memorize Troys part of the song. I think I almost got it.

See ya next year Community…whenever you came back….when…..OH GOD PLEASE COME BACK TO US SOON!

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