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It’s been a while since I wrote anything, so here’s some quick reviews.

It’s ok. I can see what Director Kevin Smith was going for.

He wanted to make a movie that was inspired by 48 Hours, Beverly Hills Cop and Fletch.

Hell, he even uses Composer Harold Faltermeyer who DID the scores for Beverly Hills Cop and Fletch to make the fun as hell score for this film.

I can even see how Smith casting Tracy Morgan can make sense as Morgan has the potential to bring a classic Eddie Murphy energy to his role, and casting his opposite Willis(who already is an automatic action movie straight man) fun can happen.

Problem is, it never fully gelled for me.

Morgan can be funny, but he also became tireing at times. His subplot with Rashida Jones is flat and brought nothing to the table for me.

Willis and Morgan DO have a decent chemistery together, but they never felt like a real duo to me.

Alot of my problems are strictly script related, and since Smith didn’t write it, he doesn’t get the blam in my eyes.

His directing is soild, and he proved that he can direct action and knows how to shoot comedy

It’s his first movie that he made that I honestly am indifferent about, but it’s still a relativly entertaining one. It’s one of these kinds of movies: ” I was bored one afternoon, channel flipped to TNT and saw Cop Out was on. Figured I’d watch that to kill some time”

And it’s not a really bad way to kill some time.

For a movie called The Runaways, it’s focused alot on Cherrie Currie and Joan Jett then on the rest of the band.

Dakota Fanning was pretty good in it, and yes I still feel weird (and f**king old) that this is the little girl from I AM SAM. BUT, I give her credit for going all out in this role and she really gets into performing all the classic Runaways songs.

Kristen Stewart still felt like Kristen Stewart to me. There are moments when I feel like she becomes Joan Jett(and those are great), but there are just as many moments when she’s just being Kristen Stewart.

Micheal Shannon is great as Kim Fowley, as he really embrasses the mean, nasty rock and roll character that Fowley is.

My other issues with the film is that the film goes into the usual Rock and Roll movie cliches. You can almost see them coming.

“Heres the moment when the band feels like of them is hogging all the attention.”

“Heres when they get big and get trampled by their fans”

“Heres when they start getting WAAAY into drugs and sex.”

“Heres when one of them becomes a big druggie”

But, I digress, it is based on a true story.

Script problems (again) aside, the director Flora Sigsismondi showcased some nice visual chops  and gave the film it’s nice rock and roll energy.

A entertaining film, but not one I’m crazy about.

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