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Let me first point out that I’m not 100% with the reboot.

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the first two Spider-Man films dearly(Spider-Man 2 especially, as I think it’s one of the greatest superhero films ever made) so I’m kinda annoyed we have to start all over again after only 3 films.

YES, Spider-Man 3 was bad, but I was pulling for Sam Raimi to prove that he had one more Spidey film that would be good. Even Raimi admited he failed on Spidey 3 and he wanted to rectify that.

BUT FINE, the reboot is happening, time to move on.

Bringing it  back to High School is fine, but my fears is that bringing it back to high school also means making it more like “Twilight”.

How about the cast?

There are a few people on the casting list for Spider-Man but there is ONE actor on it that I like….

Johnny Simmons doesn’t have a ton on his credits but the reason I like him is his performance in “Jennifer’s Body”. He played the funny geeky guy in that, and to me, THATS Spider-Man to a “T”. He has a natural comedic side to him, something that Maguire (mind you, I still liked him in the films) doesn’t really have.

What about Mary Jane?

I can agree that the Mary Jane in the films is not the Mary Jane in the comics.

Mary Jane in the comics is a feisty, energetic, sexy fun girl.

But what young actress can they pick to play feisty, energetic, sexy and fun?

Oh…Emma Stone….yep, she fits those descriptions. And her voice is perfect to say “Face it tiger, you just hit the jack pot”.

I don’t know if she’s on the list for possible Mary Jane’ s but she better be.Beyond the fact that Emma is a strong charismatic actress, let’s have a crazy idea and have an ACTUAL red head play a red head!

So yeah, this is just me being a fanboy, and yeah, now that I said it and put it online these two probably WON’T have a shot playing them but it is fun to dream.

UPDATED: 1/13/2011

So, I’ve noticed that there are plenty of people who’ve came by this page, probably looking for more info on the new Spider-Man flick. Most likely typing “Emma Stone” and “Spider-Man” and found this page.

Well first, I’d like to say…Hello 🙂

I wrote this post back in May in 2010.  By tomorrow it would have been 8 months to the date since I posted this.

Whats funny to me is that when I wrote my original post (which was just me fancasting) I wrote “now that I said it and put it online these two probably WON’T have a shot playing them but it is fun to dream.”

Imagine my surprise that they DID cast Emma Stone…then imagine my surprised that she was cast as Gwen.

Yeah…wa sn’t expecting that. Turns out Emma is a natural blonde! So she will be one of the few Marvel Movie female cast members who did n’t have to change her natural hair color.


Elizabeth Banks as Betty Brant

The first version of Gwen Stacy for the Spidey movies.

Paltrow as Pepper Potts

Scarlett as Black Widow

Dunst as Mary Jane

Famke Janssen as Jean Grey

And of course…

Well…while I still maintain that she would make a great M.J., she does look good as blonde. Hell, she even kinda looks like a John Romita Sr. drawing of Gwen…

Looking forward to seeing more.



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