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Currently on Twitter theres a fun game going on called bad pitches.

Here are the ones I liked from other people…

AntonSirius Anton Sirius
“Life Is Beautiful” meets “Face/Off” #badpitches

mattkward Matt Ward
“Flashdance” meets “Audition” #badpitches #greatpitches?

flightjkt jmk
It’s “Tootsie” meets “Irreversible.” #badpitches

ElSeanimal Sean Messinger
It’s “Deep Throat” meets “Teeth” #badpitches

sokoteur Kelvin Blasto “it’s like a Woody Allen film but with a John Hughes ending #badpitches yeah right that would be extra awesome.”

markcubey Mark Cubey “Its like Memento in reverse” #badpitches

Quincetessence Quincy “Well, the Breakin’ license is up for grabs, right?” #badpitches

Obviously, I wanted to join in, so these are mine…

It’s “Catwoman” meets “Batman and Robin” #badpitches

It’s “Point Break” with a dash of “Schindler’s List”. #badpitches

“Take STAR WARs, but get rid of the aliens, spaceships, the princess, the magic force, have no battles and not set it space!” #badpitches

“Take buddy comedy of Superbad, the intensity of Oldboy and mix it with the sexual exploration of Last Tango in Paris” #badpitches

and finally….

“It’s like “The Room”……” #badpitches

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Now, there have been alot of really big trailers that came out this week.

Obviously, one of the biggest was the “Green Lantern” trailer (my reaction to that is over here), in which fandom already started bitching about.

Then there is the awesome looking “Cowboys and Aliens” which I got to see a good chunck of at Comic Con.

As cool as those trailers are…theres one trailer that I couldn’t get enough of….

Every once in a while, there comes a trailer that I think is just a great. It’s not just I’m looking forward to the film, it’s that the trailer itself is a great piece of entertainment.

The “Your Highness” trailer is just that good.

First, I’m sold on the idea of the movie. A dirty, silly, sexy comedy set in a world of silly, goofy fantasy films just sounds great.

Next, the brilliant use of the Dropkick Murphy’s song “Warriors Code“.

The already quotable lines.(“Magic…motherfucker.”)

The pacing of the trailer is just great, setting the idea, the characters and the tone perfectly.

I also LOVE the last-minute of the trailer in which they cut like a serious, action pack movie trailer to really sell you that there’s some great action in this and not just the comedy.

It’s addicting stuff, and the trailer just made this one of the flicks I’m most looking forward to next year.

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So this year Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis will star in the up and coming Darren Aronofsky film “Black Swan”…

But, in a funny coincidence, next year they will each star in a romantic comedy that strangely have the same premise…check it….

Now, between the two, I personally like the Friends with Benefits trailer more. It’s a little funnier and cut a lot better.

Also, I’m in that “I don’t like Ashton Kutcher” camp while I legitimately like Justin Timberlake.

NOW, I personally like Natalie Portman a little bit more than Mila Kunis so part of me wanted the films to switch leading men … then I realized that switching would have led into a That 70’s Show reunion!

Oh the missed opportunities you had Hollywood.

p.s. Just for the sake of brining it up, Justin Timberlake was Aston Kutcher’s first victim on Punk’d, another small tie.

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A few weeks ago I entered a quick contest to get the new PREDATORS dvd on Joblo.com

and I just found out today that I won, which is nice!

So today I decided to enter another DVD/blu-day contest, this time the website is Hitfix and the movie is…

And the rules for this one is to make up a goofy band name and a goofy album name for it.

….thankfully, I kinda already had both ….

Thats right! I used my old SKA band’s name and album title to enter a DVD contest.
The album I used was this one, titled Attack of Syrann Man…

And if I win the contest, I can finally say the band was actually worth something for a change 🙂

p.s. I’m totally kidding, I still love those guys in the band. And if you actually want to hear some of our music click here!

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