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Bad Raditude?

Whenever I think of Weezer, I usually associate them to good memories.

I think back on finally finding a band I can relate to ( I loved Blink 182, but I don’t I see myself in any of their songs) when I turned 15.

I think back on the summer of my junior year leading to my senior year of High School (still the best summer I’d ever had in my teens). The green album was basically my soundtrack to that summer.

I had my first (ok..my only) Vegas trip with my friends, in which we played Make Believe on the drive to and on the drive back.

Last years Pork and Beans music video made me smile like no other and I have fond memories of singing Dreamin with my friends driving on our way to SD Comic Con.

Yes, not every song is great(and yes, most of the songs in Make Believe aren’t that good ) but there are at least a few songs per album that work on me.

So a few days ago I got a nice surprise. A friend of mine who works for a record company got a few copies for free and gave me one of them.


THAT made my day.

I got home, and like a little nerd, pretty much announced it via twitter/Facebook, that I got the new album a day a head for free.

I was expecting some comments like “Thats awesome!” or ” Sweet! I’m jealous!”  or “I can’t wait to listen to it myself!”.

….thats not what I got.

A few friends emailed me/ twitter me their reaction.

-“It sucks man.”

-” Weezer: Radidtude :C”

-“Total disappointment.’

-“It’s a good thing you didn’t pay for it.”


I barely got a chance to listen to it….and after reading those comments…well damn it, thats not what I wanted hear.

Listen, not to go into it too deep, but I’ve been having a rough year. I was hoping to just kick back and listen to this album and take it for it was… but now, I was getting worried.

It was silly, but I guess I didn’t want Weezer to disappoint me too.

So I didn’t listen to it for the whole day.

Now let me take you take you back an hour ago.

I was watching tv, and all of a sudden my 15-year-old nephew, Andrew, comes in excited.

“You got the new Weezer!” he asks holding the CD in his hands.

“Yeah, ” I replied ” A friend got it for me for free.”

“Thats so cool!” He said big smile on his face.

I tell him he can import it later for his computer and he replied with a very happy “thanks.”

That got me thinking.

My opinion on the CD is still up in the air ( have been listening to while I have been writing this) but whatever my final reaction I’ll be happy. 

Why? Because I’m happy that Weezer is still affecting a young 15-year-old who finally found his band.

Because this 15-year-old is going to be making his own memories, and I’m glad that Weezer can still do that for someone.


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