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Yesterday, the website Ain’t It Cool News had a contest. The prize was two free tickets to the screening of the 20th Anniversary of  The Rocketeer at The El Capitan Theater in Hollywood. In order to win, we had to write our memories on seeing The Rocketeer on June, 21, 1991.

I started thinking about the my memories that day and I figured it was worth a shot to enter.

So, here below is my email to Ain’t It Cool News….

“It was 1991, I remember the trailer. The music, the 1930’s era, and most of all….that rocket. The dream of flying was more real to me after seeing the trailer. Superman flew…but I could BE the Rocketeer.

I remember that whole year I couldn’t wait to see The Rocketeer. My older brother, the film buff who shaped me into being a film buff myself, started showing me some 1930’s adventure serials as little cinematic appetizers before I saw the film . King of the Rocketmen (which I loved!) and Radar Men from the Moon (in which I realized that it was the SAME footage as King of the Rocketmen!)

It was THE film for me that year. I used to pretend that my backpack was the rocketpack. I used to have a cheap black helmet that I put on just like Billy Cambell did in the film’s trailer and asked an imaginary Peevy how do I look (I WAS seven…it was ok for me to talk to myself back then…right?) I “flew” all around my house. Fought bad guys. Mind you…this was BEFORE I saw the film.

You could imagine how much worse it was after I saw the movie, and I did….at the El Capitan. On June 21, 1991. Yes, twenty years ago I was there on opening day with my older brother. It was a magical day for me. I’ve never been to a theater like this before. It was big, and it was gorgeous. And the movie…it was better then what I ever thought it would be.

Rocketeer shaped the things that I loved today, and I have remained a fan since. I’ve bought all the fantastic comics from writer/artist Dave Stevens, (who we lost too early) and have since dreamed of more Rocketeer stories, be it another film or comics.

It’s still one of the best comic book films I’ve seen, and the day that I saw it at The El Capitan Theater is a childhood memory that I cherish to this day.

Whenever I hear the James Horner theme I’m 7 years old all over again.

I would to like revisit that day again, with me and my older brother. Thank you.”

Sadly we didn’t win (click here to see the Ain’t It Cool page for the contest and the winner) but strangely enough, just thinking about that day and my memories of seeing it was enough for me.

It seems like a movie that still works on a lot people to this day. It’s timeless, fun, has heart and yes, still one of the best superhero/comic book films made.

Thanks again Kuya (my older brother) for taking me to see this film 20 years ago, that day and that movie still means a lot to me.

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